Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- The Weekend

I'm back at Uni! And it's my final year, it's gone craaaaazy quick it's unreal! So what better way than to make most of our 'Freshers' experience than going out again, for the last time! :') We decided to do it properly seeing as it was our last time and to make the most of the free time until lectures and workloads start piling up, woo XD

I moved in quite late on Saturday, I brought sooo much stuff with me, I don't even know how! As some of it didn't even fit in the car, I think I have a problem. By the time I unpacked the car and went to Sainsbury's to rinse mum of her money, I was so tired and it was nearly time for bed XD So instead Hannah and I snuggled and watched a movie and then went to bed :)

Sunday, I met Ali to go to the gym, while we were passing campus there were free tombola stalls, we tried to knock tin cans down and failed miserably, it was so embarrassing! But then I managed to hook the lucky duck and won a toy duck haha! There was also a free photobooth so we managed to snap some pictures which was nice! :)

In the evening, Ali, Adina and I went to the pub for a few drinks and to catch up. We drank Juicy Lucy's which were pretty much bogey/vomit green although they tasted quite nice!

Overall it was a pretty chilled weekend , moving in, catching up and waiting for everyone else to arrive :) It's so weird I can still remember when I moved in 2 years ago and I miss it quite a bit, the buzz and the excitement, I don't want to get old XD

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