About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog :)

You’ve made it to the ‘About me’ section! I’m Nev :) full name Nevena Krstic, pronounced 
Nev-eh-na not Nev-ee-na… you have no idea how often I get that haha! And Krstic pronounced Ker-stitch... So yeah, just Nev :)

Feel free to have a wander around my blog, in it you’ll find some of my favourite outfits (strictly student budget), my various baking experiments, my crafts masterpieces aaand general going ons in my life :)

I’m currently doing a PhD in Epigenetics and Bone (pretty much) at the University of Southampton (hence the reference to the student budget (my greatest enemy is my bank account)), but don’t worry I won’t be boring you with any sciencey posts! 

Oh I almost forgot to mention! I’m super short, 154 cm or 5 ft 1/2 inches! And yeah that half an inch counts :) 

I hope you enjoy reading! :)


  1. Wow I'm a lab scientist too! Currently thinking if I want to continue in Forensics to be like Sherlock or thinking of going to medschool.
    Styleccentric Fashion'

    1. That sounds like so much fun! Let me know what you decided to do! :) xx

  2. Awesoem blog site Nev! looking forward to future collaborations sometime when you are free :)


  3. Where are you from? I mean your name doesn't sound from Southampton :D