Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The end of Semester 1 exams!

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! My exams are finally over! I'm so glad that they're finished but it's also pretty scary that this is my last year at Uni so I have to make them count :) I'm not too sure how they went, I hope okay but I don't know if it was detailed enough so I guess I will have to wait a few weeks and see :) Fingers crossed! :)

New Look Floral Playsuit Sale

On Thursday to celebrate Hannah and I headed off to Cafe Parfait. I went there for my birthday and they're usually the go to place on a Thursday in Southampton. We had a nice night and had a little boogie, the only downside was that the Chocolate Fountain was missing :( Nevermind :)

New Look Floral Playsuit SaleNew Look Floral Playsuit Sale

What I Wore: I decided to wear my new playsuit from New Look which I got in the January Sales for £14! Bargain :) And I wore them with a basic pair of flats from Primark :)

It's so nice to have finished exams and I'm actually looking forward to starting lectures and going to labs again.. what's wrong with me haha! Although a weeks break would be lovely right now :)

Did you have any January exams? How did they go? :)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Afternoon Tea at The Thistle Euston Hotel

Afternoon Tea at The Thistle Euston Hotel

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well, I'm currently revising for my exams waah. I've had two and I have one more and I caaaan't wait until it's over! Good luck to everyone else who's revising :)
It was my best friends birthday in November so as a surprise the girls and I chipped in to go to 
Afternoon Tea. We found a really good deal on Wowcher at 'The Thistle Euston Hotel' which was about a 2 minute walk from Euston Tube Station. We went on New Years Day so it was really quiet inside, it all looked so pretty especially with the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree still up :)

We were worried that it would be reaally busy as in some places you have your booked time slot and they hurry you away quickly but we spent hours eating loads of food and having a big girly catch up :) Annoyingly where Ruth and I were sitting we had spotlights directly above us so the photos came out with weird shadows, nevermind it really isn't that big a deal haha XD

Afternoon Tea at The Thistle Euston Hotel

When we got there we were shown to our table and the waitress came and showed us what selection of teas they had, I went for Vanilla Chai, Laura had English Breakfast, Ruth had Earl Gray and Sam had a Lemon Ginger tea. The china was adorable! All the teacups, mugs, plates etc had the cutest blue detailing. We all felt so fancy and grown up going for Afternoon Tea haha!

Afternoon Tea at The Thistle Euston Hotel
Afterwards they brought the food round and there was soo much! It was all really yummy and we couldn't eat it all :)
On the first layer were finger sandwiches and there were four classic types: cucumber and cheese, salmon, egg and cress and ham and tomato :)
On the second layer were different cakes. There was a really nice, rich chocolatey one, a refreshing rasberry mousse which was really light and fluffy and apple pies :)
Finally at the top were scones! You can't have afternoon tea without scones :) They were warm and they came with a choice of clotted cream and raspberry jam, I decided to steer away from the clotted cream as I don't like it and piled on the jam instead, but the girls really enjoyed it :)

Scones Afternoon Tea at The Thistle Euston Hotel

So that was our day in London at Afternoon Tea, we had a really nice time and I was really full afterwards which I didn't I would be! The staff were all super lovely and it was so great to catch up with the girls, I hope Laura enjoyed her treat and I would definitely go again :)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 Resolutions :)

Happy New Year everyone! I am a bit late jumping on this bandwagon seeing as it is now the 4th of January but better late than never XD

Me and my bestie Tom :)
I hope you all had a lovely New Years and have started all your New Years resolutions! Firstly I can't believe how quickly last year went. I know everyone always says this and we say this every year, but I don't know if it's just me or are the years going by quicker! On New Year's eve I went to my friends Femke for a little gathering/houseparty :) It was a really cute night and we set off fireworks and played 'The Friends Game' :)

Before I go on to my resolutions this year I thought I would look at last years post XD It's always so cringy looking back to old photos or things you used to say and it's weird how much I feel like I've grown up in the space of a year :)
So overall I managed to complete all my resolutions! Yipee :)
  • I averaged out at a 2:1 at the end of the year woo! 
  • I started hitting the gym and I now have some personal bests, I think my greatest acheivement has been deadlifting 60kgs before Christmas! ohhh yeaah XD
  • Okay so I only recorded 2 songs.. that's a bit poor XD You can watch them here if you'd like :)
  • And I finally went to Winter Wonderland, which you can read about if you scroll down or click here :)

#TB to the summer when I deadlifted my weight for the first time :)
So for 2015 I need to think of acheivable and realistic ones, not ones that have been repeated for the past 3 years (aka have a flat stomach with abs yet still eat all the chocolate I want) hehe :)
So for this year..
  • I want to graduate this year with a 2:1 at least :)
  • Carry on going to the gym and generally get fitter and eat healthier more often
  • Drink more water.. a lot more water.. I definitely do not drink enough
  • I'd like to grow my blog more, so I think for starters I need to try and blog more consistently :)
  • Take part in more Twitter chats 
  • Interact more with other bloggers, be it through Twitter, blog comments, chats etc :)
  • Improve my photography, I'm not sure how yet, if you have any recommendations please tell me XD

To finish off this post I thought I would have a quick look at my most popular posts in 2014 :)

My most viewed post was for this DIY porcupine pincushion :) It is super cute haha :)

My second most viewed was when I went for dinner at Wagamamas, hmm I haven't been since I'll have to go again after exams :)

And I think that's it, that should keep me busy for the next year! :) How did you get on with your resolutions? What new ones do you have for this year? :)