Friday, 27 June 2014



On Monday, I came back from a super lovely holiday in Turkey. It was the first time my boyfriend Pardis and I had been away together. Being honest I was really apprehensive at first, will we get on for a week? Will we end up killing each other? Will we get bored with it being just us two? Now I don't know why I was worrying so much haha! :) We got on really well, we didn't get bored and we didn't kill each other. It felt so nice just sitting back relaxing, sunbathing, chatting doing things at our own pace and not having to worry or think about things. It was perfect considering how hectic the year had been.

We stayed at Riva Bodrum Resort, overall the hotel was good and we enjoyed ourselves but there were a few hiccups. New management had recently taken over and as our friends said, it was evident that they were having teething problems and that they were a bit understaffed. We had a few problems with air conditioning and house-cleaning but I guess we're both quite laidback so we didn't let small things ruin our holiday. Except for the fact that I managed to change the setting on the camera so all our photos turned out blurry -.- Nevermind I don't want it to ruin our week away.

We became friends with a mum and daughter from Manchester, they were some of the 2 loveliest and friendliest people I had ever met. We just chatted away about everything and they were so easy to get along with! Sadly we didn't swap emails or anything to stay in touch :( but it would be nice if one day we managed to :) They also gave me the prettiest little pendant which was so nice of them, a little golden Turkish eye which they said will mean that I live to 150 and that I will win the lottery, fingers crossed XD

Before holiday I asked my dad and brother if they had any books I could borrow, so my brother lent me 'Cloud Atlas'. On holiday I tried reading it and it was definitely not easy reading! The first chapter was set in the olden days so was just full of old English words, it was too much effort to read on holiday. So instead I swapped books with Pardis and read 'Mornings in Jenin'. It's a really good book and I would definitely recommend reading it, however it was so sad! The book was about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. It's horrible and upsetting reading about things that go on in the world, so I've lost a lot of faith in humanity :/ Now I need some new books to read over the summer, if you know any good ones let me know! :)


So apart from sunbathing, swimming, playing games and crying from the sad book we ate soooo much food! I'm still full thinking about how much food we ate! I swear whenever you go on all inclusive its like a mini challenge to see how much food you can eat XD it's always like, well I've paid for this I might as well eat everything XD It probably wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't had dessert for every meal XD As the week went on my food baby slowly became a bit more permanent, I was just constantly carrying round a full belly haha! Nevermind it was so worth it! And it's okay because these days I will get back into the gym properly.
Pardis wants to do a personal training course this summer so I've asked him to train me, I've already been to the gym with him a few times and I've been dying for days after, so I guess I'm excited but scared for the continual pain coming up ahead. I'm excited to get stronger and tone up a little bit so fingers crossed it all goes well! Just need to keep it up for next years holiday! :)

Have you been anywhere nice recently? If so link me below I'd love to have a read about your holiday adventures! :)

Thursday, 12 June 2014

End of Second Year

Last Sunday my housemate Hannah and I, packed up most of our stuff and made our way home for the summer, I'm still surprised at the amount of stuff I had, and then surprised again at how we managed to fit most of it in the car, luckily for us Hannah's dad's car is giiinormous. Actually, I'm not that surprised, I own a ridiculous amount of stuff XD

It has definitely been a hard year, the workload at least doubled and it just feels like I've been working non stop until now, I'm really hoping that I've passed as I need this summer break to relax my brain XD

After exams Hannah, Catherine, Pardis and I all got dressed up and headed off to one of our favourite restuarants near us, Mango, where they serve really yummy Thai food. We always find ourselves going to Mango, but I guess the food is tasty, affordable and we like the atmosphere. All throughout exams Hannah and I were saying things like 'As soon as exams are finished it's gym everyday and healthy eating!' That sort of never happened! Haha! No we ended up going to the gym maybe twice which I guess isn't too bad, but in the meantime I'd had 2 massive waffles, 2 KFCs, chinese and a few nights out for dinner XD Never mind because I've tried to start eating healthier this week and yesterday I went to the gym with Pardis where I let him train me so he made me do a circuit. It was definitely one of the hardest thing's I've had to do and I am dying today. But its good XD

I've recently been obsessed with smoothies and parfaits. I'm constantly checking out @Pilotmadeleine's Instagram and I even went as far as to make a Pinterest board which you can check out here. Strawberry season has come at the right time as mum is bringing back boxes of strawberries each day from the allotment which are perfect for munching on and putting in my smoothies :) I'm still experimenting with different flavours but sometimes I think it's better to go simpler than too complicated. This morning I rather enjoyed my strawberry and banana milkshake :) 

I've had a lot going on and a lot to do recently but I like it, I think if I had nothing to do I'd get too bored. Pardis and I booked a very last minute holiday on Tuesday so we are jet-setting off to Turkey on Monday which I am super excited about! :) He also passed his exams and I've talked him into starting a blog which you can read here. There's been the boring stuff too such as unpacking my hundred million bags where the stuff doesn't seem to fit anywhere, I think I might have too many clothes XD And finally my big brother is coming back from Thailand today so I am super excited to see him as its been about 8 months! :)

Hope you're all enjoying your summer! What are you loving at the moment and have you got any exciting things happening? :)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Blue Dungarees

Exams are finally finished which means that my second year of Uni is well and truly over! I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by it's crazy! It has definitely been a hard and stressful few months but I'm hoping that when my results come out in a few weeks time that it will be worth it :) It's quite frightening in a way to imagine that I only have 1 more year left and then I need to start looking for a job and acting like an actual grown up! I just want to be a child forever :') I still have no idea what I want to do after Uni, I was hoping that I'd really enjoy certain areas of my degree but I just keep changing my mind, I guess I still have a while to mull it over but perhaps I should be looking into it a bit more :)

I've had a busy week since the end of exams and it's been really nice to go out and catch up with everyone, go out clubbing, for dinner and stuff my face with a few yummy waffles from Sprinkles. I always find it strange after exams have finished because I never quite know what to do with myself, my brain still seems to be in overdrive and I keep thinking that I should be doing something challenging, but to be honest it's been nice to just sleep and relax, my brain is exhausted haha! My boyfriend also came down for a few days which was really nice as we hadn't seen each other for 6 weeks due to exams, and we managed to catch a nice, sunny day to take some photos :)

Dungarees- Primark
Crop top- New Look
Converse- Cloggs
I found these dungarees in Primark and I thought they were the cutest thing ever! I definitely feel like a child but I don't really care haha! So I decided to team it with my white crop top from New Look and my nice, clean new Converse from Cloggs. Luckily for me I can fit into kids so I can get shoes much cheaper! Yay for me haha! :)

Hope you're all enjoying the start to your summer! :)