Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Purple Card

Handmade Purple Flower Card DIY

Handmade Purple Flower Card DIY
Different Cards and papers I used
Handmade Purple Flower Card DIY
Made the flowers and cut everything to size

Handmade Purple Flower Card DIY
Finished card :)
Now that I don't have Uni over the Summer and passed all my exams so no resits, yays! Means I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I've got a whole wardrobe full of things for making cards yet I never have the time. So I decided to use up some of my free time where I'm just eating all day and being lazy. I like making cards but I always find I mess it up right at the end :') whether it be with the glue or making it slightly wonky, too much of a perfectionist XD But I'm slowly learning, and this is what came out at the end. :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Going for a Stroll

6th June 2013

Such a child!
After exams finished Pardis came to stay with me for a week. Was a really nice week actually, it had been 5 weeks since our last visit so it was good to see each other again. On his last day we went to the beach and in the evening decided to go for a walk around the common. At Southampton common there's a little lake where we got a few pretty pictures as the sun was beginning to set :) On our way back to my halls we passed the park and decided to play on the swings and climb the climbing frames and slides, such children :') Was a really nice end to week and his last visit to my uni during first year.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Trip to the Beach

6th June 2013

After exams we decided to have a day trip. Hannah had her car down so in the end we decided to go on a day trip to Calshot Beach. We all brought a few things and had a picnic. Was a really nice day, enjoying the sun, sunbathing and going into the water a bit, but there were crabs everywhere so us girls got a bit scared XD Hadn't been to the beach in England for years so was really nice to spend it with Pardis and the girls :)

Biosoc Summer Ball

5th June 2013

Love my Hanny :)
So prettyy :)

My course friends :)
Such pretty girlies! :)

We had our Biosoc summer ball. Me Hannah and Catherine got all dolled up and ready for a boat cruise down river Solent. This was the first time I'd been on a boat party, it was a really nice evening and a nice way to celebrate finishing our first year of uni :) There was a hog roast for dinner which was actually really filling. I met Steph on the boat, she's so lovely and so clever :) We took plenty of photos, wish there are more occasions where we can dress up in pretty dresses :)