Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales

26th December 2013

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! :)
I thought I would be brave and attempt going sales shopping on Boxing Day in Kingston. It wasn't actually too bad this year! Last year it was a lot worse :) I don't know whether its because everyone had been and gone or I was in the mood for spending moneyyy :) So here are some of the pretty things I bought :)

 I'd been meaning to go to Superdrug for a while to get some cream and hair stuff but I thought I would wait untill the sales :) I fiiinally bought the Garnier Body Repair Cream. Whenever it is on offer it's always sold out but I managed to grab one for 1/2 price :) VO5 also had an offer of 2 for £5 so I bought some heat protect serum and some blow dry volumising spray :) I also bought some MUA lipgloss and some nail varnishes :)

Next Up I went to Primark :) It was probably the least busiest I'd ever seen Primark XD suprisingly :) I bought a cosy glittery jumper for £5 a paisley denim skater skirt for only £3! Plus some earrings for a pound and some midi rings :)

In New Look I found this black crochet top for £7 and these prettyy heels for £12 :) I wish I was just a bit taller but I guess that's why there are heels  :)

Finally, I also bought a floaty top from Topshop a little bracelet from Accessorize and a 'Shoot for the Stars' bath bomb from LUSH :)

I've read soo many posts about LUSH and they've left me wanting to try some stuff so badly! So when I walked past the shop I had to go in! :) All of their christmassy products were half price so I grabbed myself a bath bomb! I cant wait to try it XD There were so many to choose from I didn't know which one to pick! :)

All in all it was quite a successful shopping trip and I bought quite a few things! :) happy happy happy :)

Have you bought anything nice in the sales? :)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Biosoc Winter Ball

11th December 2013

The Bio department at Uni were throwing a Masquerade Ball during the last week of this semester. Originally I wasn't going to go as a few of my friends were going on a social but I texted one of my best friends at uni on the day asking whether she wanted to go as all my work had been handed in. We then decided to go very last minute :) Any excuse to dress up! :) I decided to wear my black velvet dress.

The Ball was at Wild Lime and it was a really nice evening :) Catherine got ready at mine and we headed off together to the Ball :) We were able to pay on the door and received a complementary glass of champagne :) It felt so classy with everyone in suits, dresses and masks, sipping away at wine :) We both had a really nice night and we got chatting to some people from our course :) So glad we decided to go last minute :)
Have you had any end of term parties or socials? :)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Meal

9th December 2013

During our last week of the semester the girls and I decided to go for a Christmas meal to celebrate the end of term :) I'd finished all my assignments due for the end of the week the weekend before so I was excited to go out and not be constantly working. We all got dressed up and decided to go to Wild Lime in the high street. The food was okay but the service wasn't that great as we were in the corner and they'd forgotten about us. We all had a nice girly chat and catch up nonetheless :) It was really nice to have a nice meal and wine and get dressed up :) Definitely need to do more of these nights next year :)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection Skincare

So this weeks #BritishBloggerSelection is about skincare :) I have tried pretty much everything to do with my skin so above are some of my favourites :) I think that personally the red Garnier Body Repair is my favourite one :) I'm currently using the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula but I cant decide whether I like it or not, maybe its something I'd buy if it was on offer. In the summer I like using Holland and Barretts Coconut Oil as it locks in moisture and brings out your tan with the shinyness, but don't put it on your face XD I don't like it when cream's too thick so it doesn't spread, but then I also don't like if its too thin and just soaks in straightaway without leaving you feeling moisturised :)
What's your favourite skincare product? :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fur Fur Fur

I've always wanted a fur coat so when mum spotted this one from Next I decided to get it :) It is soooo warm! I feel like a snuggley bear! Perfect for winter and this cold weather! :) At first I wasn't sure about it but it's so soft and I like it being oversized as it makes it warmer :)
What do you think? Will you be wearing faux fur this winter? :)