Saturday, 22 March 2014

Spring Florals

The weather seems to be slowly picking up! I'm getting fed up of jumpers and 10 layers and want to wear all my summery clothes. I've had this coat for a good few years now and I've only ever worn it once XD I seem to have plucked up the courage now to wear it more often. I feel smart and girly and it's perfect for spring weather as its just the right thickness. I've never really been a fan of longer coats, I always thought they looked weird as I'm so short but I've now changed my mind and I've grown fond of this coat :)

 Uni is quite hectic at the moment and I''m struggling to get all my work done for the hundreds of assignments and deadlines they've given us this semester. I don't quite understand why they give us so much work but I guess I just need to stick at it and get my degree :)

 I can't believe how quickly this semester and year have gone! Second year seems to have just flown by.

 Amidst all the work I've been doing we've also been going to house viewings as we need somewhere to live next year, I'm starting to worry that we might have left it a little bit late this year but I'm sure something nice will show up soon and it will all work out :) fingers crossed!

Coat and Shorts- Primark (old), Top- Topshop,
Rings- Primark, Earrings- Accessorize, Boots- New Look 
One more week left and then it's Easter! And then it's time for loaads of revision again D: but I'll be able to see my family and friends from home so it won't be too bad :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Birthday Ceilidh

Last weekend one of my best friends from Uni celebrated her 21st birthday! eeee Happy Birthday! :)
She decided to do a joint celebration with her housemate and another close friend so they hired out a hall and the folk society for the night.

This was the first time I'd been to any type of barn dance/ceilidh but it was so much fun! There was a guy who explained the basic moves and would shout out instructions during the dance. He was a bit hard to understand partly due to the fuzzy sound system but it was quite easy to pick up :)

It soon got really hot with all the dancing but it was so much fun! 
At first we were told there was a bard theme so I was planning on wearing a checkered shirt but just before the event we were told there wasn't a theme anymore so i decided to play it safe. 

Top and Cardi- H&M, Leggings and Earrings- Primark,
Boots- New Look, Necklace- Ebay
I hope you had a good night Ali! :)
Have you ever been to something similar? :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

2nd Anniversary

Sprinkles number 2 XD
I can't believe it's been 2 years that Pardis and I have been together! It's so strange it feels like only recently we were at college and going on dates :)

This weekend Pardis came down to stay at Southampton. We decided to stay in this year, make a 3 course meal and drink cocktails :) It was really nice to have a chilled night and stay up chatting about our memories over the last 2 years :)

Dinner was so tasty! We started off with prawns for starters. For our main we had chicken stuffed with mozzarella and garlic and wrapped in bacon, with sweet potato chips and peas and sweetcorn. Finally for desert we bought some Belgian melt in the middle chocolate puddings. My belly felt like it was going to explode! For drinks we attempted to make purple rain, although it was definitely blue and not purple XD It still tasted really yummy so never mind. :)

After dinner we exchanged presents. We decided to buy smaller and more thoughtful presents :) I was spoiled with a giant box of Lindor, a chocolate orange, some acid wash jeans I've been wanting for a while, socks because I seem to have an obsession with them XD the cutest little teddy bear and a jar filled with memories :) Even though they were all only little things they all had meaning which made it so much nicer! :)

I always find it hard to buy presents for boys as it's always stuff that I want and not him :') I got him a book that's been on his wishlist for a while, a leather bracelet and 2 boxes of his favourite chocolates.

We had such a lovely weekend :) I finally got round to watching Frozen and we went to Sprinkles again XD This time I tried the strawberry creation :) Hopefully there will be many more memories to come :)