Sunday, 24 August 2014

Joint Birthday Parties

It's the 24th of August! Howww has this summer gone so quickly! Okay so I've had 3 months off but time has literally flown by! I can't remember how it was when we were back at school when we had like 6 weeks off that seems so short thinking now, I guess degrees are harder than GCSEs so we need more time to relax XD

To get me back into the Uni feeling and side of things and prepare me for 'Freshers' (not a Fresher anymore but not the point, no one will ever know XD) I've had a very party filled, alcoholic weekend. :)

On Friday, we all celebrated Alex's, Callum's, Freddie's and Lewis' birthdays. We went to Hippodrome for Cheese night. Now I never really like cheese because I am ridiculously bad at lyrics, I'm one of those that sings words that sound similar but are very very wrong. And cheese is usually about singing so I was like great -.- But it was okay we all had such a fun night! I haven't had a night like that in Kingston for a while so I'm really glad! It was actually so much fun and we were all dancing away and singing some of the right lyrics haha!

Shorts and Crop Top- New Look, Heels- Deichmann
Last night I headed out to London, I'm sure there will be photos up soon and tonight I'm going to a birthday party :) This year everyone's going to be turning 21 so there are going to be a lot of parties so I'm quite excited! :)

Hope you're all ready for going back to School/College/Uni/Work and that you've been enjoying your summer break :)