Sunday, 21 May 2017

Preppy in Blue

Preppy Shirt Cable Knit Jumper Jack Wills Jeans John Lewis Loafers

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well! I've had quite a relaxed weekend helping Pardis with his OSCE practice for his medical exams which are coming up.. So we've basically doing loads of scenarios where I'm a different patient and he has to ask me questions and figure out what the diagnosis is and he's been practicing different examinations such as my cardiovascular and respiratory health, joint exams, vision, speech etc. It's been quite fun but there's so much to remember, I'm glad I didn't do medicine haha :)

Today I thought I would share with you a simple outfit which I like to wear to work which I pretty much wear all year round as it's England XD It's super simple and it's just a light blue fitted shirt, a cable knit jumper and some comfy jeans which I picked up in the Jack Wills sale last year. I actually really like these jeans and I need to keep an eye out for some other shades. During the Winter I usually wear boots as it's colder but as it's nicer weather I've been wearing my new shoes from John Lewis. I've been on the hunt for some proper shoes, preferably black, that I liked the look of and that fit my stupidly small size 2.5 feet and I found these a few weeks ago. These are still a little bit big but I just wear them with insoles and they're okay :)

Shirt- H&M
Jumper- H&M
Jeans- Jack Wills
Shoes- John Lewis
Earrings- Primark

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Teal Layers and Ruffles

Hey everyone I hope you're all well! The last 2 weeks have been quite busy at labs with my experiments and writing so I've been quite pooped to be honest :') But my weekends have been quite relaxing so it's helped and I'm feeling more rested :) I also watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yesterday and I really enjoyed it! I'm also carried on watching Jane the Virgin and I forgot how much I enjoy it! It's such easy watching too XD And I keep changing my mind about who's team I'm on, at the moment it's Team Michael XD

For today's outfit I wanted to share with you this top that I bought in Primark recently. I really like the colour and I think the sleeves and details are really cool! Admittedly, it's not too great for wearing in the lab but I just shove them in my lab coat and hope for the best haha! The back is open and it ties together in 3 bows which is really sweet, annoyingly I forgot to take a photo XD But I just wear it with a little black top underneath so it's not too risque XD I usually wear it with black skinnies and some black pumps or loafers but I'm wearing it with heels because I prefer how it looks in photos haha! I also bought some new sunglasses yesterday so I thought I would include some photos of me thinking I'm a diva :')

Teal Primark Ruffle Sleeve Top Peacocks Sunglasses
Am I a real blogger now?

Top- Primark
Jeans- H&M
Heels- Deichmann
Earrings- Primark
Sunglasses- Peacocks

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