Thursday, 23 January 2014


Such a pretty girly!
I finished my Semester 1 exams! yaaaaaay! Now I've got a loooovely few days off before lectures start again on Monday :) It feels so nice to not have to revise but at the same time I feel a bit lost :')

Last night I went for a tasty meal at Mangos which serves Thai food with my 2 housemates :) It was so nice to just sit and enjoy a meal and catch up with each other as we've all been working so hard and stressing over these exams :)
I thought it was a good way to celebrate the end of exams :) Having a nice causal relaxed evening and then attempting to learn to play fifa.. I still have a long way to go XD

Tonight I'm off out with the girls for a night out :) We're not sure where we will go yet, hopefully Parfait but if not Bedford Place :) Eeeee I love getting dressed up! And it feels like ages that I've been on a night out! :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Virginia Waters

There happened to be a really nice sunny day during the Christmas holidays with blue skies and a lovely crisp feel :) Made a change from the other miserable days, I love it when its winter and its sunny as you can wrap up in many layers and enjoy the sunshine which instantly lifts your mood :)
Two of my best friends and I decided to walk around Virginia Waters. It was so nice to take a break from revision and clear my mind and catch up a bit more with the girls before we went back to Uni and work :)

It honestly feels like I have been revising forever. As soon as I arrived home for Christmas holidays my head was straight in those books. Hopefully all my hard work will pay off :) I've got my last exam this semester tomorrow morning and then I'm freeee :D

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Knitted Headband

Recently I've seen loads of girls wearing knitted headbands and I've really wanted one! :) I thought hmm I can sort of knit, looks like a 5 year old but I could try. Instead, when I came home for Christmas from Uni I was like muuuuuuum could you knit me a headband pretty please! And one with a bow :) Now mum for some weird reason really dislikes bows, as well as skulls. Buut she knitted me one anyway! Yaaay for mee! :) I thought I might aswell ask mum to do it as she's super speedy at knitting and I should technically be revising for exams, boo, instead of knitting :)

So this is the finished headband :) It's pretty! XD and actually really warm! :) Which is good! :) but the bows huuuge and makes my head look tiny XD Never mind I thought it was cute! So I'll be wearing this on my chilly walks to and from Uni :)

Today and yesterday I've had 2 exams, I have mixed feelings about how todays went I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have a nice examiner! Now I have to get back to revising for my remaining 2 :( boo boring :)

Have you got any January exams? Good luck! :) 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years!

Happy New Year everyone! :) I hope you all had good new years celebrations last night and that you all have a lovely 2014! :)
Last night my friend threw a house party. Was a really nice night, was a bit more of a gathering than a party and it was quite chilled with pizza and snacks and drinks :) But it was really nice catching up with friends from college as we've all been apart from each other at uni :)

Last night I wore leggings, a purple sequined top from New Look, it's actually kids but it fits XD, and my new purple heels that I got from the New Look Sale :) As it was a house party I decided to go for leggings instead of a dress :)

I've never really done New Years Resolutions before but I was trying to think of what I wanted to achieve this year.
I think my main aim is to get at least a 2:1 in my second year of Uni. I'm thinking a nice 65% or higher :)
After these January exams I want to start hitting the gym again as I've become quite unfit with the constant chocolates and student meals XD
I'd like to try and record some videos of me playing the piano and overcome my fear of performances.
Finally I will go to Winter Wonderland this year!! I want to see what the hype is about :')

How was your New Years Eve? Do you have any resolutions or aims for this year? :)