Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- Wednesday

On Wednesday during the day, Hannah and I went to Uni to go to the bunfight, where everyone tries to get you to join their societies. It was soo busy but we got some free goodies which is always good! In the end I have now joined belly dancing, piano and salsa :) I wish I'd joined societies in my first 2 years, everyone always says 'Make sure you join a society!!' and I didn't think to listen haha! Never mind, better late than never :)

In the evening Hannah, Catherine and I decided that 3 days of going out was taking it's toll so we went out for dinner instead :) We decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants in Southampton, Mango where they serve really yummy Thai food. We always go here which you can see from here XD We all got the same thing.. Crispy beef and Mango juice :) It was delicious XD

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What have you been getting up to recently? What's your favourite restaurant near you? :)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- Tuesday

Tuesday came round and CatherineHannah and I couldn't decide where to go.. Usually Tuesday's are known either for Sobar, where they have £1.50 triples or for Bloc Party.
We knew both places were going to be packed so last minute we decided to go to Bloc Party in Bedford Place. We were a bit late leaving the house, which if you're already paying a bit more to get into more venues, is a little bit silly but never mind haha! It took us too long to get ready XD Usually when I've been to Bloc Party in the past, we go Buddha, Tokyo, maybe somewhere else and then finish off in Junk. However This time we stuck to Buddha Lounge and Buddha Club. It was good in there and the music was good so we decided to stay as we knew that Junk would be hectic :)

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What did you do during your Fresher's events? Did you go out or did you have cozy nights in with your housemates? :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Blue Tartan Skirt

Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Tartan is a trend I never thought I would follow. It always seems to remind me of kilts (surprise surprise) or of school girl outfits/ clothes I wore as a child. Anways, it's been creeping in over the years and I've secretly admired people pulling off tartan, aka my best friend Ruth. As I was shopping a few weeks ago with mum she spotted this lovely skirt, I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but usually things mum picks out always turn out to be one of my favourites or end up looking really nice! :)

Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Blue Tartan Skirt from New Look
Top, coat and tights- Primark, Skirt- New Look, Boots- Dorothy Perkins
I would have preferred it to be a tiny bit tighter, I can hear mum in my head being like 'Everything doesn't have to be super tight!' ... Yes mum :') So this skirt is from New Look, and it was around £15 I think! So with student discount I thought it was a really good price! I bought the bardot top from Primark for only £4! Bargain! and then wore it with my new black suede boots from Dorothy Perkins and a very old coat from Primark and obviously tights as it's getting chilly :)

What do you think? How else would you wear this skirt? And what are your thoughts on the tartan trend? :)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- Monday

Carrying on with my little Freshers series, on Monday I went to the gym again during the day and Catherine moved in so our little house was complete! :) In the evening Hannah, Catherine and I headed off to Turtle Bay, a really nice Caribbean Restaurant and they do 2 for 1 on cocktails at certain times, before going to Switch. Switch used to be Provenance back when I was in first year and I absolutely loved it then! It felt good to be back, the only downside was the music was a bit off at times, but I guess everyone's taste is different :) Drinks wise it wasn't as hectic as my birthday and yeah it was really nice to go out and have a dance and it was nice to go some place a bit fancier for predrinks :) Starting off Freshers week in style! XD

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- The Weekend

I'm back at Uni! And it's my final year, it's gone craaaaazy quick it's unreal! So what better way than to make most of our 'Freshers' experience than going out again, for the last time! :') We decided to do it properly seeing as it was our last time and to make the most of the free time until lectures and workloads start piling up, woo XD

I moved in quite late on Saturday, I brought sooo much stuff with me, I don't even know how! As some of it didn't even fit in the car, I think I have a problem. By the time I unpacked the car and went to Sainsbury's to rinse mum of her money, I was so tired and it was nearly time for bed XD So instead Hannah and I snuggled and watched a movie and then went to bed :)

Sunday, I met Ali to go to the gym, while we were passing campus there were free tombola stalls, we tried to knock tin cans down and failed miserably, it was so embarrassing! But then I managed to hook the lucky duck and won a toy duck haha! There was also a free photobooth so we managed to snap some pictures which was nice! :)

In the evening, Ali, Adina and I went to the pub for a few drinks and to catch up. We drank Juicy Lucy's which were pretty much bogey/vomit green although they tasted quite nice!

Overall it was a pretty chilled weekend , moving in, catching up and waiting for everyone else to arrive :) It's so weird I can still remember when I moved in 2 years ago and I miss it quite a bit, the buzz and the excitement, I don't want to get old XD