Friday, 24 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- Tuesday

Tuesday came round and CatherineHannah and I couldn't decide where to go.. Usually Tuesday's are known either for Sobar, where they have £1.50 triples or for Bloc Party.
We knew both places were going to be packed so last minute we decided to go to Bloc Party in Bedford Place. We were a bit late leaving the house, which if you're already paying a bit more to get into more venues, is a little bit silly but never mind haha! It took us too long to get ready XD Usually when I've been to Bloc Party in the past, we go Buddha, Tokyo, maybe somewhere else and then finish off in Junk. However This time we stuck to Buddha Lounge and Buddha Club. It was good in there and the music was good so we decided to stay as we knew that Junk would be hectic :)

If you want to read about our previous Freshers nights out then you can here :)

What did you do during your Fresher's events? Did you go out or did you have cozy nights in with your housemates? :)

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