Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Freshers Take 3- Wednesday

On Wednesday during the day, Hannah and I went to Uni to go to the bunfight, where everyone tries to get you to join their societies. It was soo busy but we got some free goodies which is always good! In the end I have now joined belly dancing, piano and salsa :) I wish I'd joined societies in my first 2 years, everyone always says 'Make sure you join a society!!' and I didn't think to listen haha! Never mind, better late than never :)

In the evening Hannah, Catherine and I decided that 3 days of going out was taking it's toll so we went out for dinner instead :) We decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants in Southampton, Mango where they serve really yummy Thai food. We always go here which you can see from here XD We all got the same thing.. Crispy beef and Mango juice :) It was delicious XD

To see more of what I've been getting up to during Freshers you can click here :)

What have you been getting up to recently? What's your favourite restaurant near you? :)


  1. Ooh, hope you're having the best time! Freshers is so much fun!

    Love Tweet xx

    1. Thank you! I wish I could go back to being a fresher XD It's my last year so I thought I'd make it count :) xx