Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 Resolutions :)

Happy New Year everyone! I am a bit late jumping on this bandwagon seeing as it is now the 4th of January but better late than never XD

Me and my bestie Tom :)
I hope you all had a lovely New Years and have started all your New Years resolutions! Firstly I can't believe how quickly last year went. I know everyone always says this and we say this every year, but I don't know if it's just me or are the years going by quicker! On New Year's eve I went to my friends Femke for a little gathering/houseparty :) It was a really cute night and we set off fireworks and played 'The Friends Game' :)

Before I go on to my resolutions this year I thought I would look at last years post XD It's always so cringy looking back to old photos or things you used to say and it's weird how much I feel like I've grown up in the space of a year :)
So overall I managed to complete all my resolutions! Yipee :)
  • I averaged out at a 2:1 at the end of the year woo! 
  • I started hitting the gym and I now have some personal bests, I think my greatest acheivement has been deadlifting 60kgs before Christmas! ohhh yeaah XD
  • Okay so I only recorded 2 songs.. that's a bit poor XD You can watch them here if you'd like :)
  • And I finally went to Winter Wonderland, which you can read about if you scroll down or click here :)

#TB to the summer when I deadlifted my weight for the first time :)
So for 2015 I need to think of acheivable and realistic ones, not ones that have been repeated for the past 3 years (aka have a flat stomach with abs yet still eat all the chocolate I want) hehe :)
So for this year..
  • I want to graduate this year with a 2:1 at least :)
  • Carry on going to the gym and generally get fitter and eat healthier more often
  • Drink more water.. a lot more water.. I definitely do not drink enough
  • I'd like to grow my blog more, so I think for starters I need to try and blog more consistently :)
  • Take part in more Twitter chats 
  • Interact more with other bloggers, be it through Twitter, blog comments, chats etc :)
  • Improve my photography, I'm not sure how yet, if you have any recommendations please tell me XD

To finish off this post I thought I would have a quick look at my most popular posts in 2014 :)

My most viewed post was for this DIY porcupine pincushion :) It is super cute haha :)

My second most viewed was when I went for dinner at Wagamamas, hmm I haven't been since I'll have to go again after exams :)

And I think that's it, that should keep me busy for the next year! :) How did you get on with your resolutions? What new ones do you have for this year? :)