Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Piccadilly Institute

Following on from my busy weekend three weeks ago when I went to Hippodrome, Megan turned 18, so the next day we all went up to London to celebrate. We went to Picadilly Institute and we had a great night actually! The girls looked super pretty and we went for some casual drinks. Due to us living in awkward towns where public transport stops at 12:30 we decided to get the tube there and back :) Even though we were there for a few hours we managed to have a few drinks and dance and have a great night! I guess we made the most of what time we had :)

It was so weird arriving at Picadilly Circus and it being so busy! Everything was lit up and it was so so busy everywhere! It makes where we live seem like the countryside haha! It does make it more exciting and it was nice to do something different compared to going to the clubs in Kingston that we always go to. :) The club was quite nice, each of the rooms were differently themed, even the drinks which was a nice twist :)

The following Monday my brother turn 18, he was meant to be back before his birthday but he decided to prolong his holiday, so we will celebrate when he gets back, and the Sunday after Lucy turned 18! It's so weird I still think of them as really young, ahh I sound like an old person! Haha! I hardly feel much older than 18 and now for two of my best friends and I, our brothers and sisters have turned 18. I can't believe the years are going so quickly, we're getting ready to finish Uni and they're about to start, it all feels so surreal XD

Happy Birthday Megan, Petar and Lucy! :)

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