Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Salsa Christmas Social

Last Saturday Hannah, Emily, Catherine and I headed to The Bridge on campus for a Salsa Social. We had fun at the previous social at the beginning of the year so we were looking forward to this one, especially as we've had a few lessons now so sort of know what we're doing haha XD When we got there eeeeeveryone was from the advanced class so we were worried, they were all dancing like pros and they all looked so good XD Regardless we danced most of the night and we actually didn't look too bad! We were in time and we did the right steps and twirled when we needed to and it was actually so much fun! By the end of it our feet were aching but we felt so energised!

At the same time, downstairs in the Cube was the Freshers Christmas Ball, so after Salsa we walked into the ball for the last 10 minutes XD The decorations were so pretty! It was a really nice end to the night :)
We really enjoyed Salsa dancing and we're thinking of going to La Margherita as they have latin dancing there aswell :)

Have you ever been to a latin/salsa night? You should it's so much fun! :)


  1. Gorgeous outfit, you look fantastic! <3

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