Sunday, 6 July 2014

Porcupine Pincushion DIY

DIY Porcupine Pincushion

 I made a porcupine! :) Mum's current pincushion is an old, tattered, rubbish little square, so for years now I've been meaning to make her a cute new pincushion but I just keep forgetting. So now that Uni's finished and the weathers a bit grey and rainy I thought I would finally get round to making one. After trawling through loads of Pinterest posts I finally found this one. At first I was torn between a crochet cactus XD so cute, and little mushrooms but I decided to choose this one. Maybe next time! :)

DIY Porcupine Pincushion

So I finally managed to find the instructions as you can see below, buuut they're not in English. The picture seemed pretty self explanatory but I typed it all into Google Translate anyway XD Turns out I didn't really need to but never mind.

You can find the post with the instructions here and the original post that I found is here. I ended up doing a little hybrid between the two and I put beads for the eyes and nose. I was thinking about sewing eyelashes but thought I'd probably mess it up XD

DIY Porcupine Pincushion

Basically you cut out the template, sew along the body and pull it together to make a ball, stuff it with pillow stuffing stuff, Sew along the head bit and make it into a cone, and sew on the eyes and nose. I sewed on the ears after but you could probably do that now. I decided to do a blanket stitch around the face and the bottom as I thought it looked cuter but it's personal preference :) And then you somehow neatly sew it altogether, that's where mine went a bit wrong, but it's cool, it makes it look handmade and not that I've bought it in a shop :')

DIY Porcupine Pincushion

And that's it! Probably shouldn't take you a day like it did for me but nevermind haha! I forgot that I was such a slow sewer! I guess you get quicker with practice, but I'm quite proud with my little stitching XD The face is a bit wonky but never mind :')

DIY Porcupine Pincushion

So yeah, there's my little porcupine pincushion. Link me below if you've made any pincushions or if you try this one out I'd love to have a look! :)


  1. Hi Nev, we are very happy!!! Kisses from Brazil!

    1. I'm glad you like it! Thank you for the tutorial! :)