Thursday, 24 July 2014

Graduation Card DIY

DIY owl gradutation card

One of my close friends recently graduated with a First! I'm really happy for him and all his hard work paid off! So I thought I would put my card making skills to use and make him a little card. I spent a while trawling through hundreds of photos on Google and Pinterest until I found a template of an owl that I liked. I thought I'd keep it simple and do a big owl on a card.

I printed off the template
Cut around the template and drew them onto card
I'm pretty sure it takes me longer to decide what colours I want and how to do the card than actually making it itself haha! So after I'd fiiinally decided on colours (aka asked mum to pick between the options I'd narrowed it down to) I started copying the template onto each colour and cutting it out.

Glued all the pieces of owl together
Made the hat and glued it all onto card :)
It was quite simple and easy to make and it looks super cute! I'll probably be doing this same card again unless if I find another one I like for everyone's graduation next year, maybe vary the colours slightly, or not haha :') Sorry everyone for getting the same card XD 

DIY owl gradutation card

If you've recently graduated congratulations! And if anyone's made any cards link me below I'd love to have a look! :)

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  1. Super cute!!! love it ^^
    How can I get the template please?