Monday, 14 July 2014

Cho's Birthday Meal

Zara pink floral pencil skirt
Zara pink floral pencil skirt

Cho is a really lovely girly that I met at Uni on my course. Her birthday is during the summer so we had some early birthday celebrations to celebrate her birthday once everyone's exams had finished. We all got dressed up and headed of firstly, to La Margherita, where we all ate some yummy Italian food. I decided to keep it classic and went for a pizza :) The restuarant was actually really nice! There was a really good atmosphere and there were little fairy lights everywhere and it was all lit up looking really pretty and fancy. It was also by the waterfront so there was a nice view, and then separate from the eating area there was a dance floor where people could dance. Probably one of the fanciest bars/restaurants I've been to, although I can't say I've been to many fancy ones, being a student and all XD

Zara pink floral pencil skirt

After our meal some of us headed into Southampton to go clubbing. We started off in Cafe Parfait, usually I like this club however on a Saturday it was full of the older folk of Southampton and the music was pretty rubbish in my opinion :) So we ended up going to Vodka Revs. I went to Vodka Revs last year for my birthday but I guess we never went again, I was surprised how good it was! Downstairs was really packed but there was an upstairs so we were all dancing away :)
La Margherita
The bell they clanged whilst singing Happy Birthday hurt our ears so much! :')

All in all, I had a really busy night! Can't say I've ever gone out for dinner and then to 3 different clubs in one night but it was loads of fun :)

I dressed differently to something I would usually go clubbing in (aka not a black dress) as I wanted to dress up a bit for the meal. So i decided to wear my pink floral pencil skirt from Zara. I've had this skirt for a few years but i hardly wear it, I need to get mum to take in the waist bit as annoyingly i need it to fit my hips and bum but then i have a small waist so finding clothes is a nightmare, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem XD Also, the skirt doesn't stay tight, when you put it on its like soo.. how am I gonna walk? and then after an hour or 2 its like ah, my skirts suddenly 2 sizes too big :') Anyways enough about the whinging, I still like this skirt, I guess I don't wear it often haha XD and I teamed it with a white crop top from New Look and flats because even though I'm the shortest I'm embracing it as heels just hurt too much and I'm still shorter than everyone. #ShortGirlProblems haha :')