Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Freshers Take 3- Thursday

During the day on Thursday, Uni were having a 'Chill Out Day' Which included different things such as yoga, pilates, zumba etc :)
So I decided to start off the morning with some Yoga, accompanied by Adina, and then in the afternoon we went to the 'Arts and Crafts' event. I'm a bit of a geek in that sense and I love doing crafty things, there were a mixture of things that you could do, but we decided to go for knitting and crochet XD followed by giant jenga :)

In the evening we all headed out to Cafe Parfait where they have their Chocolate night :) The following Thursday I decided to go to Parfait again as I really enjoyed it :) So you can read about my night here :)

Click here to see more of what I got up to during Freshers Week! :)

Hope you're all having a good day! Do you like doing Arts and Crafts? What's your favourite? :)


  1. Such a cool collection of outfits girls! I love your denim jacket!

    1. Oh thank you! And thanks, it's in the sale now which is always annoying :')

  2. Lovely photos, cute post! <3

    Brina xoxo, SweetStyle

  3. I never did the whole uni thing, but I have to say that it's cool to see that freshers isnt all about partying and madness. I love that there's crafty stuff and yoga etc.

    Plus, wow, you and your friends are super beautiful!!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Yeah there are so many other things to do that are chilled it doesn't just have to be going out :) I didn't go out at all last year during Freshers Week :)
      Oh thank you, you're too kind XD xx