Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dinner at Wagamama

Wagamama Ramen

I finally went to Wagamama's! I've heard so much great stuff but I just never went :) Last month, two Saturdays in a row we ended up going there for dinner :)
Wagamama Chicken Raisukaree
Chicken Raisukaree :)

The first Saturday, Hannah and I went to West Quay to do some shopping, we soon got hungry as shopping and spending money is tiring so we decided to have Wagamamas :) I didn't know what to get and I always hear about people getting Ramen Noodles so I decided to get 'Wagamama Ramen'.. It was okay but I didn't really like the noodles, they were a bit too stodgy for my liking. Hannah got the 'Chicken Raisukaree' which tasted really nice and she got 'Chilli Squid' which was amaaaazing! :)

Wagamama Chilli Squid
Chilli Squid :)
Wagamama Yaki Soba
Yaki Soba :)

The second Saturday, Hannah and I had just got to the gym when I turned around and said 'Do you fancy going shopping today?' To which we obviously said yes XD So Hannah, Catherine and I went to West Quay again to chip away at our overdraft a bit more :) And so we decided to go to Wagamama again :) This time round I ordered the 'Yaki Soba' and it were really nice! We had the 'Chilli Squid' again, Hannah copied me and Catherine got the 'Chicken Katsu Curry' :)

What's your favourite thing at Wagamama? :)


  1. Oh I'd love to try that chili squid... :)

    Bella Pummarola

    1. It is so yummy I would definitely recommend it! :)

  2. I do love Wagamama but I haven't found anything I love just yet, I think that just means I need to keep going and eating everything :)

    Tweet xx

    1. Haha same! It's hard because it's like, do you take a risk? What if it's not nice then you've wasted money and something else would have tasted better XD xx

  3. I adore Wagamamas! It's probably my favourite restaurant. My favourite things are the duck dumplings and chicken teriyaki :) x

    1. Ooooh that sounds so yummy! I might have to give that a try next time :) x