Monday, 24 February 2014

I passed Semester One! :)

YAAAAAY! I passed! And got a 2:1 overall so am very happy with that! Now I just need to try and keep on top of this semester so I can do even better for the summer exams :)

Pardis came down for the weekend and on Saturday we decided to celebrate by going to Sprinkles for the first time ever! It was amaaazing! I got the choco banana waffle and he got the Nutella and cookie waffle :) I was quite surprised at how large the portion was actually and it was very filling :) Might have to start going more often :)

I recently bought some new heart tights as I'd been wanting them for a while now so I decided to wear them on Saturday during the day along with my Primark playsuit and new heeled boots :)

In the evening we went to Oceana for my friends birthday :) We all had such a good night and danced so much it was great fun and my friend really enjoyed it! :)

I hope your exam results went well! :)

Friday, 7 February 2014

Heart Wreath

This year my uni room has been super boring decorations wise. I guess last year we were all in halls and were confined in tiny little rooms in halls so I filled it with decorations to make it more homely. This year, being in a house and having a much larger room I haven't really felt the need, plus I've been a bit lazy XD

 I actually started this months ago had all the hearts cut out all I had to do was stick them down, but I guess the heavy workload started and exams so it got pushed to the side. Now that exams are over yaaay, for now, I've had a bit more time to relax so thought I might as well finish one of the hundred million projects I've started :)

 To make it it was super easy, I just cut out loads of hearts from different colours. I cut out a big ring using a cereal box :') and then arranged the hearts in a circle, stuck them down and tadaaa finished :) Super easy and super cheap decoration, being a student and all XD

I didn't bring any of my crafty things with me at uni, otherwise goodbye degree XD thought it would be the safer option, so for this I decided to print out different patterns that I could use. I should of used some other patterns too as some are quite similar to each other and plus to the walls but never mind :) It helps brighten up my room a little bit :)

What kind of decorations do you have in your room? :)

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Valentines Day Pinterest Red Hearts Paper DIY Room Decor
Valentines Day Pinterest Red Hearts Paper DIY Room Decor
Cut out loads of hearts and make a little slit. Fold the edges back
a bit to make it more 3D.
Valentines Day Pinterest Red Hearts Paper DIY Room Decor
I put two little pieces of blue-tack on the back and squished it a bit more
when putting them on the wall so that they were more rounded.
Valentines Day Pinterest Red Hearts Paper DIY Room Decor
Valentines Day Pinterest Red Hearts Paper DIY Room Decor

Valentines Day is approaching! :) I'm not actually doing anything this year, waah, but its okay because our 2 year anniversary is very soon! Eeeps!
So I've been searching pinterest for easy decorations I can do to decorate my room. At uni I'm restricted with what materials I have but luckily I have coloured paper! :) So I decided to try make these heart decorations. I made them slightly differently to the ones I found as when I glued them to make them more 3D the heart turned out all squished and weird XD