Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mums Birthday :)

5th September 2013

Happy Birthday to my amazing mum! Can't believe how old she is and how quickly we've all grown up! I still think of my parents as being in their thirties XD
We had such a lovely day! Dad took us all to Punch-bowl in Colnbrook for lunch. It's a lovely little Thai pub/restaurant and the food is so good and so cheap! We always go there recently to celebrate because the food is good quality and cheap :)

It was also really nice to have the whole family together. My older brother had finished uni and passed with a 2:1, so proud! and I'd finished my first year so it felt like we'd all been apart for ages.
My brother's planning on going to Thailand at the end of the month to do a TEFL course, Teach English as a Foreign Language, and then he's hoping to find a job teaching and stay out there for a year. Thailand is so nice, the weathers warm, the people are so friendly and the food is so cheap and tasty! I'm gonna miss him when he goes :(

I hope mum had a good birthday :) the weather was perfect and the food was simply delicious! Love you mum <3