Sunday, 12 October 2014

Turning Twenty-One

On the 2nd of October I turned 21! It's soooo weird I can't believe I'm that old already! I definitely don't feel it :) I had a really lovely day and I have such amazing friends :) Pardis came down in the afternoon so to start off the birthday celebrations Hannah, Ali, Pardis and I went to Sprinkles where we had waffles! I am now obsessed with Sprinkles, I first tried it last year, i resisted for a year and a bit but I finally gave in and it is amazing, and in my opinion better than Creams. I had the 'Chocolate Milk Sensation' which I tend to go for usually as it's super yummy. :)

Milk Chocolate Sensation Waffle

After sprinkles I couldn't resist going into New Look and I bought a white top, which I'm always getting told off for buying, it's not my fault if I like white pretty tops with lace or beads etc XD but then I had to rush off for a quick lecture. After dinner the Hannah, Catherine and Pardis brought out cake and sang me Happy Birthday XD I always feel awkward sitting there while people sing to me but I think everyone does haha!

In the evening I decided to go to Cafe Parfait, so a lot of friends from Halls in our First Year came to our tiny little house for predrinks. It was so lovely seeing everyone again :)
On a Thursday at Parfait it's their Chocolate Factory night so they give out Freddos and they have a chocolate fountain, I had some marshmallows dipped in chocolate, it was sooo sickly but so so good XD

I had a really fun night and I'm so happy that people came out for it to make it even more special :) I had a really lovely birthday and that was just the start of the birthday celebrations! :D

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