Tuesday, 14 October 2014

21st Birthday Antics


The other week I celebrated my 21st birthday and I went to Cafe Parfait which you can read about here. On Friday I carried on the birthday celebrations and my lovely girls from home came down! I'm so glad that they did I've missed them too much! :) It was so nice catching up with them, cooking dinner and getting ready together! So on the Friday we all went to Switch.

Hmm, Switch. It used to be Provenance, which I absolutely loved, and then it changed to Myth and now it's Switch. I went the week before and it wasn't too bad, the music was a bit naff at times but overall it was a good night and I usually always had the best nights there before. However. Last Friday...

Cue the massive rant...

The queue was huuuuuge, but luckily we had queue jump. So we went inside, got shown to our booths, which I didn't realise were booths I thought you could just sit there anyway haha, and we were given VIP bands which didn't really get you anything at all, so a bit pointless really. Once we were settled we went to get a drink. The queue for drinks was actually ridiculous. I gave up waiting after a while but Pardis decided to carry on queuing for us both, I kept looking every so often and he was at the front so I thought he'd get served soon.

More than half an hour later, I went to rejoin the queue. I could see that Pardis was at the front and how the bar staff were serving everyone around him but not him. Literally people either side of him. I was so, so, angry. I was just about to get served when the guy next to Pardis told the barlady to serve Pardis next and so she did. By this stage I was actually fuming. I don't know if the staff were actually that blind or if they were flat out racist or sexist or whatever. So anyway we finally got our drinks at 12:36 bearing in mind we got in at at 11:15. It shouldnt have made me this angry but it did, because it's just not right.

Anyways! Massive rant over! Seeing as we'd wasted so much time getting drinks we decided to go dance, the music was better than the week before and we met up with some other friends too. It did pick up a lot after that so in the end I had a really good night but it's a shame that it started off that way :)

Brownie Heaven Waffle Sprinkles Gelato
Brownie Heaven Waffle Sprinkles Gelato

The next day we all went to Sprinkles :) I looove sprinkles if you couldn't tell haha! I decided to get 'Brownie Heaven' which is so rich and filling but I ate it anyway XD We were going to go out again on Saturday but we decided to go for KFC and have a quite girly night in catching up instead as we were all tired and hungover from the previous nights XD

Overall I had a really good birthday and I loved that the girls came down to spend it with me! :)

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