Friday, 12 September 2014

Date nights

Date night! Maybe one of my favourite nights as you get to pig out and treat yourselves haha! We've been on quite a few over the summer. We used to always eat at Nandos, as it was yummy and cheap but I think I've had enough for a while, gasp! Never thought I'd ever say that! So we've been trying some different places instead. A few weeks ago we went to the Punchbowl in Colnbrook. That's probably my favourite place for Thai food and it's usually our favourite restaurant for birthdays, the food is really good, well priced and the staff are lovely :)

slightly chargrilled XD
Two weeks ago we made use of Orange Wednesdays and went to the cinema to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2. Okay so the rest of the audience were predominantly children but that's besides the point XD Obviously we had sweet popcorn, as it's always good to eat and watch a movie. Afterwards we went to Pizza Express, I ordered a Pizza, and Pardis ordered a Calzone, when the food came his was burnt and rock hard! I told him to turn it over and the bottom was black. I'm not one to complain in a restaurant but it was ridiculous, so I called the waitress over and told her, she handled it really well and was very polite, she apologised and said a new one would be here in 5 minutes and offered some complimentary olives. I think that was the first time I'd complained in a restaurant but I was really pleased with how it was handled and his new Calzone was fine :)

I wore my new favourite dungarees from Primark. They remind me of a pair my mum used to have when we were little so I grabbed them up straightaway, and not to mention they are so so comfy! Plus they're good at hiding food babies haha!

Last week it was our 2 and a half years! I still can't believe it's been this long and that he's put up with me for all this time XD To celebrate we went out for Dinner, and we decided to try a new place, Finesse, in Kingston. It was a Chinese buffet and it wasn't that expensive either! The food was really good, there was the normal chinese buffet like you usually get and there was also 'Tepenyaki' where she grilled chicken, beef and prawns fresh for us. The prawns were my favourite! We were both really pleased so we will be returning there again! :)

What do you do for date night? :)


  1. My last date night involved dinner, an American football game and The Proposal (no date night is complete without an appearance from Sandra Bullock). My other half and I like to keep it fairly simple.
    I can't believe Pizza Express served such an awful calzone. I have a hard time complaining in restaurants but if I was served something like that in what is usually a good restaurant I'd complain too. At least they handled it well.

    Raise The Waves

    1. That sounds perfect! Although personally I'm not too sure on football haha, but I do try watch it sometimes if I have to XD Often keeping it simple is better than trying to do something too complicated! :)
      I know usually the food is fine, and yeah exactly it was like eat something burnt or man up and complain XD I wouldn't do it without reason though I felt bad as it was! :)

  2. I love Chinese buffets :D But honestly I find that the best Chinese plate I have ever had is from the Chinese place at the mall haha

    My husband I really don't go on dates much... I know it's bad, and we totally should. We like to hang out during the day and go to the lake or springs or just watch a movie (uhh I guess those ARE dates, huh?) in the evenings we are usually at home watching Netflix or playing video games together :D


    1. Haha same! But I always eat so much so feel really sick afterwards :')
      Yes those count as dates! They sound absolutely lovely :) We don't really have many springs and lakes here (I don't think?), plus the weather's always rubbish :') But if we did I would definitely be going there :)