Thursday, 7 August 2014

Meelads Graduation Celebrations

Following on from my previous post where I made Meelad a graduation card which you can find here, here are some photos from the night :)

We started off by going round his :) It was a really nice night, we chilled in the garden for a bit, his mum and boss made loaaads of food, everything looked so fancy there were canapes and bruschetta etc and it was all as yummy as it looked.

After food and everything we played some drinking games such as ring of fire and beer pong etc, we were all soo bad at beer pong haha! Sorry guys! :)

And then finally we headed off to Hippodrome :) It was a really simple night but we all had so much fun so that's all that matters :) 

How have you been celebrating your friends' graduations? :)

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