Thursday, 12 June 2014

End of Second Year

Last Sunday my housemate Hannah and I, packed up most of our stuff and made our way home for the summer, I'm still surprised at the amount of stuff I had, and then surprised again at how we managed to fit most of it in the car, luckily for us Hannah's dad's car is giiinormous. Actually, I'm not that surprised, I own a ridiculous amount of stuff XD

It has definitely been a hard year, the workload at least doubled and it just feels like I've been working non stop until now, I'm really hoping that I've passed as I need this summer break to relax my brain XD

After exams Hannah, Catherine, Pardis and I all got dressed up and headed off to one of our favourite restuarants near us, Mango, where they serve really yummy Thai food. We always find ourselves going to Mango, but I guess the food is tasty, affordable and we like the atmosphere. All throughout exams Hannah and I were saying things like 'As soon as exams are finished it's gym everyday and healthy eating!' That sort of never happened! Haha! No we ended up going to the gym maybe twice which I guess isn't too bad, but in the meantime I'd had 2 massive waffles, 2 KFCs, chinese and a few nights out for dinner XD Never mind because I've tried to start eating healthier this week and yesterday I went to the gym with Pardis where I let him train me so he made me do a circuit. It was definitely one of the hardest thing's I've had to do and I am dying today. But its good XD

I've recently been obsessed with smoothies and parfaits. I'm constantly checking out @Pilotmadeleine's Instagram and I even went as far as to make a Pinterest board which you can check out here. Strawberry season has come at the right time as mum is bringing back boxes of strawberries each day from the allotment which are perfect for munching on and putting in my smoothies :) I'm still experimenting with different flavours but sometimes I think it's better to go simpler than too complicated. This morning I rather enjoyed my strawberry and banana milkshake :) 

I've had a lot going on and a lot to do recently but I like it, I think if I had nothing to do I'd get too bored. Pardis and I booked a very last minute holiday on Tuesday so we are jet-setting off to Turkey on Monday which I am super excited about! :) He also passed his exams and I've talked him into starting a blog which you can read here. There's been the boring stuff too such as unpacking my hundred million bags where the stuff doesn't seem to fit anywhere, I think I might have too many clothes XD And finally my big brother is coming back from Thailand today so I am super excited to see him as its been about 8 months! :)

Hope you're all enjoying your summer! What are you loving at the moment and have you got any exciting things happening? :)

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