Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Denim Jacket

I finally bought myself a denim jacket! Over the years I've been continually trying on denim jackets whenever I see one but I could never find one I liked. I always felt that like, where I'm shorter that it looked weird or made me look too boxy, or was too short, or too long. So I'd pretty much given up, and thought guess I wont be following the crowd XD

A few weeks ago I was shopping with Pardis when he pointed the jacket out and was like why don't you get a jacket like this? I tried it on and was like hmm, it's not too bad I guess. The other day I was in New Look and they had a £5 off deal if you spend £25, so I decided to try on a smaller size and see how it looked. It's different to what I usually wear but it seems to be my new favourite item of clothing at the moment :)

Jacket, top, leggings and boots- New Look, Necklace- H&M, Earrings- Primark
Yesterday I spent the day revising, boooring, and then met up with the girls in the evening to go to the Pub. It was so nice catching up with them as I hadn't seen them in months. We managed to have a good old gossip over a few drinks and I'll definitely be meeting up with them more over Easter :)

Hope you're all enjoying your Easter and don't have too much revision to be doing! :)


  1. I think this jacket looks great on you! Not too boxy, short, or long :) I like the way you rolled the sleeve cuffs.


    1. Oh thank you! That's so sweet of you! :) xx

  2. cool jacket and lovely hair dear :D