Monday, 24 February 2014

I passed Semester One! :)

YAAAAAY! I passed! And got a 2:1 overall so am very happy with that! Now I just need to try and keep on top of this semester so I can do even better for the summer exams :)

Pardis came down for the weekend and on Saturday we decided to celebrate by going to Sprinkles for the first time ever! It was amaaazing! I got the choco banana waffle and he got the Nutella and cookie waffle :) I was quite surprised at how large the portion was actually and it was very filling :) Might have to start going more often :)

I recently bought some new heart tights as I'd been wanting them for a while now so I decided to wear them on Saturday during the day along with my Primark playsuit and new heeled boots :)

In the evening we went to Oceana for my friends birthday :) We all had such a good night and danced so much it was great fun and my friend really enjoyed it! :)

I hope your exam results went well! :)

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