Friday, 7 February 2014

Heart Wreath

This year my uni room has been super boring decorations wise. I guess last year we were all in halls and were confined in tiny little rooms in halls so I filled it with decorations to make it more homely. This year, being in a house and having a much larger room I haven't really felt the need, plus I've been a bit lazy XD

 I actually started this months ago had all the hearts cut out all I had to do was stick them down, but I guess the heavy workload started and exams so it got pushed to the side. Now that exams are over yaaay, for now, I've had a bit more time to relax so thought I might as well finish one of the hundred million projects I've started :)

 To make it it was super easy, I just cut out loads of hearts from different colours. I cut out a big ring using a cereal box :') and then arranged the hearts in a circle, stuck them down and tadaaa finished :) Super easy and super cheap decoration, being a student and all XD

I didn't bring any of my crafty things with me at uni, otherwise goodbye degree XD thought it would be the safer option, so for this I decided to print out different patterns that I could use. I should of used some other patterns too as some are quite similar to each other and plus to the walls but never mind :) It helps brighten up my room a little bit :)

What kind of decorations do you have in your room? :)

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