Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Knitted Headband

Recently I've seen loads of girls wearing knitted headbands and I've really wanted one! :) I thought hmm I can sort of knit, looks like a 5 year old but I could try. Instead, when I came home for Christmas from Uni I was like muuuuuuum could you knit me a headband pretty please! And one with a bow :) Now mum for some weird reason really dislikes bows, as well as skulls. Buut she knitted me one anyway! Yaaay for mee! :) I thought I might aswell ask mum to do it as she's super speedy at knitting and I should technically be revising for exams, boo, instead of knitting :)

So this is the finished headband :) It's pretty! XD and actually really warm! :) Which is good! :) but the bows huuuge and makes my head look tiny XD Never mind I thought it was cute! So I'll be wearing this on my chilly walks to and from Uni :)

Today and yesterday I've had 2 exams, I have mixed feelings about how todays went I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have a nice examiner! Now I have to get back to revising for my remaining 2 :( boo boring :)

Have you got any January exams? Good luck! :) 

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