Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales

26th December 2013

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! :)
I thought I would be brave and attempt going sales shopping on Boxing Day in Kingston. It wasn't actually too bad this year! Last year it was a lot worse :) I don't know whether its because everyone had been and gone or I was in the mood for spending moneyyy :) So here are some of the pretty things I bought :)

 I'd been meaning to go to Superdrug for a while to get some cream and hair stuff but I thought I would wait untill the sales :) I fiiinally bought the Garnier Body Repair Cream. Whenever it is on offer it's always sold out but I managed to grab one for 1/2 price :) VO5 also had an offer of 2 for £5 so I bought some heat protect serum and some blow dry volumising spray :) I also bought some MUA lipgloss and some nail varnishes :)

Next Up I went to Primark :) It was probably the least busiest I'd ever seen Primark XD suprisingly :) I bought a cosy glittery jumper for £5 a paisley denim skater skirt for only £3! Plus some earrings for a pound and some midi rings :)

In New Look I found this black crochet top for £7 and these prettyy heels for £12 :) I wish I was just a bit taller but I guess that's why there are heels  :)

Finally, I also bought a floaty top from Topshop a little bracelet from Accessorize and a 'Shoot for the Stars' bath bomb from LUSH :)

I've read soo many posts about LUSH and they've left me wanting to try some stuff so badly! So when I walked past the shop I had to go in! :) All of their christmassy products were half price so I grabbed myself a bath bomb! I cant wait to try it XD There were so many to choose from I didn't know which one to pick! :)

All in all it was quite a successful shopping trip and I bought quite a few things! :) happy happy happy :)

Have you bought anything nice in the sales? :)

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