Thursday, 7 November 2013

Retail Therapy

This last week of Uni has been hectic! I've had so much work to do especially as I had 3 practicals in a week, meaning 3 write ups! :( Last year I only used to have one so I am definitely feeling the workload this year :( But I'm getting there slowly :)

Last weekend my whole family came down to see me, bless such cuties they're constantly ringing and skyping me saying how much they miss me :') They decided to all come down together as my brother left to go to Thailand just a few days after so that was the last time I will see him for probably about a year if it works out how hes planned it to :)

The other day I decided to take an afternoon out from my super boring write ups and went shopping with my housemate Hannah :) It's so annoying when you go out planning to spend money and can't find anything. I didn't do too badly I bought a baby pink jumper that I've wanted for a while now :) It's so soft and snuggly! I also bought 2 purple crops tops, some make up and some hair grips which I will probably lose within the next week XD

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