Saturday, 6 July 2013

First Year of Uni

22nd September 2012- 14th June 2013

My flat, first night of Freshers Week
Us girls
Super Hero night
Oceana foam party, night before my birthday
My birthday :)
Pretty girlies :)
Halloween :)

Whammed Halloween bar crawl
Biosoc social

Christmas Dinner

My first year of uni. Was a really good experience. Made loads of good friends, managed to survive on my own and I didn't give myself food poisoning XD Seems so weird thinking back now to the beginning, this year went by so quickly. I'm lucky to of been put in a flat with such good people so I became close friends with them all. It's gonna be weird not seeing them around all the time around the flat in the next 2 years where we are all living in different houses, but I'm sure we will all still go out together :) Have so many good memories and it seems hard to condense all the pictures down into just a few :) Luckily, despite having to make do on my own and going out often I still managed to pass with a 2:1 yays! Sadly it doesn't count :( We did many things as a flat such as going out, making joint dinners such as at Christmas and decorating peoples doors for their birthdays :) Was sad and weird to be packing up my tiny student room to leave for the summer, but I'm quite excited to be moving into our house for next year! :) Was a good first year of uni :)

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